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    Shanghai kebin aluminium CO.,LTD is speciled in all kinds of industrial aluminium, provide first-class industrial aluminum related services: design, production, manufacture .We brought in high technology from Germany and make all production according to international quality management system ISO9001-2000, meanwhile, won the national Aluminum products quality certification.supplying good products and satisfactory service.

    Since  founded in 1993, we always hold the tenet:"built brand, Based on Honesty , and customer oriented", provide satisfied service to our customers,so we are famouse in world market.

    We own Extrusion of Aluminum assembly line, matches Large Sized Special aging oven, quenching furnace profiles and full suite of computerize anodic oxidation, coating and electrophoretic painting line. Processing sets include:punch, lathe, drilling machine.

    Our products:industrial aluminium,and industrial aluminium profile,all kinds of bilts,spring factener,T-bolt,,flange Nut,T-nut,half round nut,sliding nut,butt joint,interior bracket,end cap,eye-bilt.bracket.hinge and so on.

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